Vale Budget – my proposal

Your Vale Lib Dem councillors proposed an extra £100K to the Vale budget for 2012-13 for revitalisation of main shopping areas, especially Botley. As the seconder to the proposal, I spoke spoke to council about the need for extra funding in North Hinksey/Botley:

…The Westway Centre is to also have major new development, and to make way for it, the buildings housing Seacourt Hall and our beloved library will be demolished. This proposal would provide money that would go some way to putting in place real plans to ensure the community gets replacement library and community hall.

This year, the rate of deterioration of Westway precinct has increased:

–  two units are long-term vacancies, one has serious internal damage that makes it hard to rent;

–    police ejected squatters from the flats above the Co-op;

–    outdoor light fixtures have broken and fallen onto the pavements in the precinct.

Shoppers report they no longer feel safe there. In Botley!

North Hinksey is doing its share to meet the Vale’s housing needs. In order to revitalise the main shopping area for thousands of residents, I’d like to see some extra money targeted to bring this shopping area up to the standards the Vale council holds for other shopping areas.

Support came from all councillors from Cumnor, Dean Court, Appleton, Kennington, Radley, North Hinksey & Wytham, except for Cllr Eric Batts of North Hinksey & Wytham, who voted against.