Lime Road has begun – rather prematurely

An aware neighbour contacted me yesterday to let me know things were happening at the Lime Rd site. (I didn’t go that way yesterday, so didn’t notice. In fact, I try to avoid the hazardous Lime Rd/Yarnells Hill corner altogether now and for the duration of the temp traffic lghts! What a mess!!!)

I have received no notice of planning permission from the Vale, although I’ve been expecting it any day. Neither have I received the construction management plan, which I also expect any day.

Last night I contacted our planning officer at the Vale, Mr Martin Deans, about my lack of notification about planning permission. I heard from him just now.

He said, ‘Planning permission is likely to go out today or Monday. Although not condoning commencement of work in advance of a planning permission, government guidance is clear that the council should not take punitive action against a developer who starts work when it is likely that a planning permission is to be issued shortly, otherwise there is a clear warning that the council¬†will be hit for costs for taking unnecessary action and holding up a development that was likely to be authorised within a matter of days.”

So, no penalty for jumping the gun a bit.

I’ve also contacted Mr Alan Cook of Bovis homes for a copy of the construction management plan. He’s away until Monday, so Martin Deans is going to see if he can source a copy. When I get it, I’ll publish it and send out a link.

I’ll keep you posted.