Lime Road – as of 22 Mar 14

Progress 22 Mar 14 for web I’m told by the Bovis Homes Construction Director that the wheel washing facility is now up and running. Lorries stop there on their way out of the site to get the mud washed off the wheels. Hopefully, this will bring an improvement to the condition of local streets. I noted that the street sweeper is still doing his work too.

I have reported to Bovis the poor road and pavement repair after their recent sewer works. I haven’t heard back yet but will continue to chase. My understanding is that they are obliged to leave everything in the condition they found it. Of course, they still have a year and a half of work remaining, so much is still to be done.

The verge on Lime Road at the corner of Laburnum Road has been tarmacked over. This is a temporary measure to ease the access of lorries into the site, and also ease the bus turning into Lime Road. The verge and pavement will be restored once work is done. This was agreed between OCC Highways and Bovis as a solution to the lorries and buses destroying the verge there. (That corner looks to soon become yet another building site. Check out my Planning Applications page (link at top of this page).)

This photo is the view from the south eastern corner of the devlopment, taken from the bend in the road of upper Yarnells Hill.