North Hinksey Parish Council By-election 24 Apr 14

North Hinksey Parish Council is holding a by-election to fill 3 vacancies.

The deadline for nominations is noon Weds 26 March. If there are more than 3 nominations, an election will be held on 24 Apr 14.

You can see all the rules on the PC website, here:

May I draw your attention to how to apply for a new postal vote, on that page. (If you are already registered for a postal vote, there’s no noeed to do anything else.)

In my opinion, what we’ve learned over the past 3 years is that the most important quality in a local councillor is how well they represent the community’s views. When you are elected to represent the community, your personal view doesn’t matter any more than anyone else’s view. You are elected to represent the view of the community and work for what the community wants. The trick is in being able to find out from the community what they think about issues, and then taking appropriate action.

I think this is a great chance to move forward into a parish council that works hard in support of community aspirations.