Headington Farmers’ Market vs Doric

Headington Farmers’s Market got sick and tired of Doric Properties using them to further their own private interests. HFM told Doric to stop.

Doric had a reply.

You can see the exchange here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Headington-Farmers-Market/415403325525?ref=ts&fref=ts. Scroll down the page to the entry for 12 July.

I think you should be able to see this page even if you aren’t a registered Facebook user. I know such people can see my page. You just can’t leave a comment if you aren’t. If you find you cannot see this page, leave a comment here and I’ll help.

2 thoughts on “Headington Farmers’ Market vs Doric

  1. Jane Green

    thank you for keeping us up to date on Doric’s latest manipulations. I cannot see the Facebook page you refer to- I just get to a ‘register on facebook’ screen. which I don’t want to do…but don’t go to a lot of trouble to make the post visible- I can, unfortunately, imagine only too clearly the kind of thing involved.

    There was a good article in the Guardian yesterday sat 26th reporting [again? I have heard of this before] about how the tide is turning against big supermarkets towards small stores, and the big firms likeTesco [and even Aldi] are pulling out of planned big store developments.

    1. debbyhallett Post author

      Hi Jane. I sent it all to you in an email just now. Thanks!

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