Latest from Planning (26 Jan 15)

This is the latest message from the Vale website, 26 Jan 2015, re: planning


  • We’re currently predicting a fortnight’s delay in deciding planning applications.
  • If you need to apply for planning permission, it would be a great help if you could delay submitting it for a couple of weeks, so we can deal with urgent issues.
  • We are extending the deadline for comments on planning applications by eight days, which was the length of time our systems was down for.
  • You can now view and comment on planning applications online. It will take our planning officers a few weeks to get back up to speed with the applications, so please hold off ringing about your application until the end of next week unless it’s urgent.
  • All planning applications and comments we received either by post or online on Tuesday 13 January and after were definitely lost in the fire. Please resend your application or comment.
  • It’s not yet clear if we still have applications that we received on Monday 13 January, so please stand by for an update.
  • If any of this will cause you a major problem, please call 01235 540546.