Changes to City 4 Bus Routes

Their webpage title says, ‘Improvements to your city4’. That’s a matter of opinion. And perspective.

Here’s their announcement:

City 4 timetable May 2015.jpg

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The 4A, which I use to travel between Botley and Oxford City centre, is reducing from every 20 minutes to every 30 minutes. I remember a few years back when they made the change from every 15 minutes to every 20 minutes, ‘To improve reliability’. I think a bus was no more likely to show up after the change. I wonder how they measure their reliability on these routes? Maybe I should ask.

I discovered long ago that if I had an appointment in the centre, I needed to go really early. I needed to take the bus before the one I actually could take because the bus was likely to not show up on time, or at all. So now I either have to go into town more than an hour ahead of time, or drive in (if my appointment is important).

The plusses: every 30 minutes to Wootton (which is the same service as to Oxford), for all of us who commute to or from Wootton. And the 4C from Wood Farm will deliver you to the rail station forecourt, but no longer comes to Botley.

Hey, I’m cynical and grumpy today. See the schedule via the link above, and decide for yourself if these changes are really ‘improvements’ for your bus travel enjoyment.