What I said about West Way 

From Oxford Mail’s live blog:

Cllr Debby Hallet said: “The Botley SPD was adopted 18 January this application is 28 January clearly there was not time for it to inform this application.

“The NPPF tells us we have to have regard with recommendations from the design panel. 

“Affordable housing, car parking and viability.

“It offers 321 spaces all the parking is unallocated, we learned 188 spaces are intended for the residents of the flats this was larger than the figure used in transport analysis which 122.

“The hotel has 123 rooms, would a reasonable person expect 50 carparking spaces for those rooms?

“I predict some students will bring cars to the area – where will they all park? The SPD requires adequate parking.

“The Vale most urgent need is affordable family homes but this development provides none.

“Today we learned developers are not providing starter homes. Today we learned officers settled for a commuted payment. This is very disappointing.

“This plan is unviable and undeliverable.

“If it is not an economical, sustainable plan it should be refused.

“The developer’s viability report has come as a result of an FOI request.

“In the letter we see today from nicola Blackwood she called for it to be public.

“In the report they expect very low profit. This is when it is at the highest end it could be expected.

“Business space will be far away from other offices in Botley so they may struggle to find occupiers.

“The only office that exists is on the second floor of the community hub.

“The developer profit is below acceptable – I worry about this, these are my neighbours and colleagues.

“But when they admit that their proposal does not make economic sense, surely we should say no to this?”

That Georgina Campbell is one good reporter. See live blog here.