Lib Dem 2017/18 budget proposals

For the 2017/18 budget process, the Lib Dems have agreed with the ruling administration to try a new, more collaborative and cooperative approach to having some of our proposals considered for inclusion in the Vale budget.

In the past, the Liberal Democrats created an entire alternative budget. It was a LOT of work, and we were disappointed at the budget council meeting when it was just voted down along party lines.

So we changed our approach and last year submitted amendments to the main budget. We had the same result: all amendments voted down along party lines. But this time it had been a lot less work. I guess you could say we increased our efficiency but not our effectiveness; we still got nothing through.

So I had conversations with the leader of the Vale council, Matthew Barber, and we agreed a new way forward. If the matter is something we really, sincerely think is good for the people of the Vale and we genuinely want to be included in the budget, we will propose it to the ruling administration well in advance for it to be considered in the existing budget process. This year we have submitted three proposals:

  1. Air Quality Measurement improvement 
  2. Children‘s Centres Grants 
  3. Botley Leisure Provision

I’ll put up separate posts with more details about each of these proposals. You can access them via the hyperlinks in the numbered list above