Report to North Hinksey Parish Council – 24 Nov 2011

  1. The Vale now stocks some 360 litre green recycling bins, which are half again as large as the standard green bins. At the moment, they are only for households of 6 or more, but that policy is to be reviewed soon. If you’d like a larger green bin, contact the Vale 01235 520202, or
  2. You can have a Collection Reminder sent to your mobile phone when your rubbish or recycling pick-up date changes due to holidays or bad weather. It’s easy to register: send a text message with the word “waste” and your collection day to 07797 870371. For example, “waste Thursday”. This is the best way to keep up to date throughout the winter.
  3. The Vale hosted the first ever Town and Parish Council Forum on 23 Nov 2011. Town and parish councillors were invited to meet with other parish councillors, councillors and officers from the district council and local public sector representatives. I know that a few days before the event, no one from North Hinksey had signed up. If someone had a chance to attend, I’d like to hear how it went and what you learned.
  4. From 9 Dec 2011, there is free two hour parking in Vale owned car parks in Abingdon, Wantage and Faringdon. (Ours in North Hinksey are already free all the time.)
  5. The Vale plans to bring free Wi-Fi to Botley. Dates aren’t announced yet, and I understand we’re in the queue behind the town centres. But we’re definitely on the list!
  6. County Cllr Janet Godden and I hold a Get It Sorted Session every other month in a different part of the parish. Our next session is 29 Nov 2011, 6-7pm at the Westminster Sports Centre. This is particularly handy for residents of Harcourt Hill and the upper part of Elm’s Rise, but everyone is welcome.

Reminder: You can see all the current North Hinksey planning applications on my blog. I’ve tried to make it simple to find out what applications are currently under consideration in North Hinksey and Wytham ward. I add info as soon as I receive notice of the planning application from the Vale. I include the consultation period, targeted decision date, and a link to the Vale Planning site so readers can see what information about the application has already been received. See them at