Recycling change causes confusion

Have you had an Oops! notice left hanging on your green recycling bin?

A recent policy change was brought about by high rates of contamination of residential recycling. When someone puts stuff into the green bin that shouldn’t be there, it contaminates a whole lorry load of recycling and costs Vale a lot of money. So now the policy is that if any recycling is in plastic bags, those bags must be clear, so drivers can see that it’s not been contaminated. Notices went out on bin hangers, in press releases, via social media. Yes, black bin liners are still recyclable, but it’s no longer allowed to put recycling IN the black bin liners. Items for recycling must be loose in the bin, or in clear sacks. Otherwise your recycling won’t be collected.

If you have more recycling that can fit in your green bin, then you can leave extra next to the bin, but again, this must be in a clear sack.

If anyone had problems getting their recycling collected, they can check the rules at If the instructions have been followed then residents can contact Biffa directly at or on 03000 610 610.