Lime Road Update – 10 Jan 14

What a busy, noisy, messy week we’ve had up here! I look forward to Rectory Homes finally being finished. That will ease some of the strain.

Is it called Harcourt Place now? If I say, ‘Harcourt Place’ , will you know what I’m talking about?

Here’s the update for this week. I’ll be having a regular Friday talk with Bovis.

  1. The tarmacking didn’t get finished before Christmas, so some of it was done on 4th Jan (two days before they were supposed to be back!) I registered our discontent. In my opinion, one of the main things is to do what you say you will.
  2. From today, they’ve promised us no more parking on the bridle path. I saw two bricklayers lorries parked there this morning, and some lady walking her dog had to step off into the rough to get round them.
  3. Today, I’m told that from next Friday the 17th, builders will all be able to park on site. I’d expect that to ease the situation on Laburnum Road and Lime Road. With residents, OBU-HH students and builders all trying to park on Lime Road, when a laden lorry comes down there is just no way to get by!
  4. This morning, I heard the Beep Beep of a reversing lorry at 7:15. I complained about jumping the gun (work is supposed to begin at 8am). To my mind, 10 minutes might be acceptable. 45 minutes is not. Some people aren’t even up yet at that early hour. I expect this might become more of a problem as sunrise comes earlier. They’ve apologised to us — this morning a lorry showed up at 7:15. (Boo.)
  5. Remember we’ve been warned this period will be exceptionally noisy and messy, because they are hauling out rubble. That’s why the road cleaning vehicles have been so prevalent. They are noisy and splashy and not that much help.  Usually they would come once a week. While the hauling is happening, since lorries drop mucky bits on the road, they’re here all day. That will ease after next week.
  6. They apologise for damage to the verges. They will be repaired on Monday 13 Jan 14, and in future as necessary.
  7. Boundaries at the southern edge (near Yarnells Hill and the Denes) will be attended to. Meetings with residents have been held.
  8. Plans for the path that’s to join with Oxford Brooks University’s paths will be planned and consulted on with the university. There were plans originally, but they didn’t join up. Bovis says that will be taken care of.

I guess it’s helpful to have regular communication with them. Feel free to contact them yourself. is the Construction Director. is the Technical Director. I find both men to be very approachable and nice. Stuart is the site manager, no email, but phone him on 07584 475435 and he’ll try to help. But do remember he is under the kosh to get homes built. Or contact me and I’ll do my best to help.