Local roadworks

Notification from Highways England.

A34 Abingdon, Oxfordshire: resurfacing
Work to improve road user’s journeys along the A34 southbound continues this week. The A34 southbound carriageway will be closed from the Hinksey Hill junction to the Milton Interchange overnight, between 10pm and 6am, from Thursday 6 July for 3 nights (Monday to Friday only). A clearly signed diversion will be in place via the Botley Interchange, A420, A338 and A417.

A34 Marcham to Hinksey Hill, Oxfordshire: barrier repairs
Work to improve safety by carrying out repairs to the barrier finishes this week. The northbound carriageway between Marcham interchange and Hinksey Hill will be closed overnight, between 10pm and 6am, until Friday 7 July. A clearly signed diversion route will be in place via Colwell Drive, Dunmore Road and Oxford Road to the A34 Hinksey Hill junction.

A34 Oxford, Oxfordshire: street lighting
Work to improve safety by maintaining the street lighting around the A44 Peartree Interchange takes place this week. Lane closures will be in place on the roundabout, and the north and southbound entry slip roads will be closed overnight, between 10pm and 6am, on Wednesday 5 July. Clearly signed diversions will be in place via the adjacent junctions.

My comments for 54 Hurst Rise Road

I’ve submitted my comments for 54 Hurst Rise Rd.

I called in this application to committee in January 2017. So now I’ve submitted the list of issues that I think need a satisfactory condition or mitigation or change to the plans. You can see the doc in my dropbox folder here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mtahf7n5499g7ie/54%20Hurst%20Rise%20Road%201%20July%202017%20Comments%20and%20ccancel%20call-in.pdf?dl=0

Speed limits on southern ring road to change

Oxfordshire County Council consulted in spring 2017 on proposed changes to speed limits on the southern ring road and some streets nearby. This public consultation had four responses.

The consultation report is here:  http://mycouncil.oxfordshire.gov.uk/documents/s37483/CMDE_JUN2917R04%20-%20Speed%20limite%20reductions%20-%20A423%20Oxford.pdf  

The meeting is today 29 June 17. (Update 1 Jul 17; this was approved on the 29th June.)

The Cabinet Member for the Environment is RECOMMENDED to approve the proposal for a 50mph speed limit on the A423 Oxford Southern bypass as advertised, but with a further consultation being carried out on revised proposals for the linking roads as set out in paragraph 10 of this report.

This excludes any changes to speed limits in Hinksey Hill and Boars Hill recently under discussion.



Planning applications currently under call-in

Last summer, Vale made some changes to the way planning applications are managed.

The problem being addressed was planning committee had too many meetings, which were too long (continuing WAY too late), and which had too many small and pretty straightforward applications that they were being asked to determine. Officer time to prepare a report for committee is expensive, and councillors looked at ways to trim costs without sacrificing democratic process and opportunity to object.

The changes were, essentially:

  1. Put a 150 minute limit on planning committee meetings. They could be extended by 30 more minutes under some circumstances and via a vote by all members.
  2. Major applications automatically go to committee if the parish or town council opinion differs from the planning officer’s recommendation.
  3. Other applications must be called in to committee by the district councillors. In exceptional circumstances, one of the planning managers can call one in.

There’s a call-in deadline 28 days after an application is registered at Vale.

Here are the applications I have called in, and the call-in date, which have yet to come to Planning Committee.

  • 54 Hurst Rise Rd. 8 Jan 2017
  • land adjacent to 16 Yarnells Rd. 23 Feb 2017
  • 1 Maple Close. 10 Mar 2017
  • Red Copse Boars Hill (V0918). 1 May 2017
  • 8 Elms Road. 15 Jun 2017

If you ever have questions about a planning application, be sure to contact me well before the 28 day deadline. After that, it’s difficult to do anything constructive.



Info about Biffa Today

Councillors had this message from officers today:

We have had a large number of waste collection vehicle breakdowns in both districts today, which means Biffa’s crews are behind on their collections.

Our advice to residents is to leave their bins out tomorrow if we haven’t emptied them today. If any collections are disrupted tomorrow or later in the week due to these breakdowns, our advice will be for residents to leave their bins out the following day. 

Biffa are due to get a brand new fleet of vehicles later in the year, which will mean significantly fewer issues related to vehicle breakdowns.

West Way consultation through 29 June

Mace have submitted plans for changes of use to support their re-phasing.

The application is for: Temporary planning consent for a period of 3 years for the change of use, relocation and addition of units at Botley Local Centre. Works also include alterations to access and egress arrangements, provision of 41 car parking spaces, partial demolition of Grant Thornton House, amendments to the phasing plan and installation of a portacabin (A1 use).

You can see the plans and Comment here:   http://www.whitehorsedc.gov.uk/java/support/Main.jsp?MODULE=ApplicationDetails&REF=P17/V1507/FUL

Deadline for comments is 29 June, 5pm.

Missed bin pickup

Last week Biffa didn’t pick up textiles I’d put out for recycling. 

This week they missed my road for grey bins and food bins. 

I contacted them and actually complained. So here they are on a Saturday, picking up two days late. 

Unlike Theresa May, I think a bad deal is better than no deal. But the best thing is a good deal. 

A balanced approach

So in fairness (considering earlier today I criticised his Local Plan for failing to plan for solving our most serious problems — http://cllrdebbyhallett.com/2017/04/24/vale-local-plan-pt-2/) here’s a kind thank you. 

Cllr Roger Cox, Cabinet member for Planning, was the one who approved £2500 for the cleanup of, and making secure, the vacant and derelict property 82 Westminster Way. 

Thank you Cllr Cox. Botley is appreciative. 

So do you think you might be able to help us get this house back in use?